Google adsense can be Silly When…

By | November 28, 2014

AdSense is not easy revenue engine for every eBusiness. Before somebody is scolding me — please let me describe what i’m saying in my defense.

I generate revenues from Google adsense at a quite high click-through rate. I experience substantial click-through rates with AdSense without making use of questionable tactics like deceiving site users with images.

So my mindset comes from one who creates nice income from Google adsense to finance areas of his business like advertising workshops and freelancing to his virtual assistants. Absolutely yes, Google adsense is a established as well as significant revenue source. However evaluate AdSense with some type of balance, It appears like stupid.

By now maybe you have found out about lots of people receiving 6 figure income with AdSense. Google’s Ad revenue sharing affiliate product for web publishers unquestionably appears to be an eSales Heaven for numerous webmasters.

However you’ll find clear things when take into account not to implement Google adsense ads on your sites. Let me list, analyze as well as explain these folks below.

1. On Sales or Mini-sites

This can be a no-brainer. If you are trying to sell a precise product which is important to your bottomline, you do not want AdSense ads focus your visitors from either joining your subscriber list, or fumbling your site’s internet sales process.

However do find hybrid sites that are mini-sites or full size e-commerce sites, with Google adsense at the end of their pages. This may not so awful since only 1% – 15% of your site visitors will either order from you or fill out a form.

The thinking because of this strategy is that you simply should benefit from disinterested parties using up your server’s bandwith.

2. SEO Business Sites

When your income depends on search engine optimization or marketing for a living you might want to think twice about showing Google adsense Ads on your site. I can tell you this from my collegues experience. Once he was on top of MSN for search engine marketing at my specific geographic area. He focused on my local area because he found people felt more comfortable hiring an eCommerce expert locally.

Some day his site fails totally from the MSN index. Just after powerful analyze I noticed that had a filter on his site from MSN.

I reviewed all the top position sites in MSN and noticed the only distinction between my buddy’s and the other top ranking websites was he had Google AdSense ads on his site.

Actually I noticed that there were no websites with Google adsense ads for at least the first 3 pages. Plus the sites with AdSense were only using one ad unit at the bottom of the home page.There were only a few of them in the top 5 pages.

I knew it was weird to not have AdSense ads on the top Internet marketing sites. This prompted me to scan other industries where I noticed the same trend.

Many of the top SEO authorities have sites that have been prohibited from the top listings by the search engines. Seems like the more visible you become, the more of a target your sites are to the search engine auditors.

A few of my sites are still on the top of MSN with Google adsense ads but that doesn’t mean they will not also be targets in the future.

Let’s be realistic. MSN and Yahoo! have competing ad networks to Google’s, and this competitive situation is rife for a possible backlash against SEO sites with Google adsense ads.

Many SEOs will point to exclusions to this position. However you have been warned!

Consider it, how much time will MSN and Yahoo! sit back and watch SEO powered websites use their search indexes to fund Google? Did you know SEO in MSN and Yahoo(!) — is much easier to obtain.

For that reason optimized sites are creating an ad sales wealth transfer from MSN and Yahoo into the pockets of Google. It won’t be long before Yahoo and MSN begin to decrease the value of ranking on AdSense sites in their databases, If not completely ban them.

If you are in the search engine business remain search engine neutral, or create multiple sites for different search engines.

3. When AdSense Becomes Your Only Business Model

When you become so myopic in your thinking that you build a business solely on Google adsense income — think again my friend. Why build a business solely on the shoulder of Google?

I’m not sure in case your realize it or not, but the sites generating the real big AdSense money (six figure income) usually doesn’t count on the search engines. These content powerhouses are a possession to Google and not the other way around. But do you think Google is going to sit back watching simply anyone make lots of money off of their top rankings?

If you do a research on most key phrases you will see many of the top ranking sites are news sites, .gov sites, or .org sites these days. The only exception is in sectors where these sites don’t really exist like eCommerce industries (clothing, shopping, etc.).

Without doubt in many sectors you will notice a conspicuous scarity of AdSense sites in the top rankings. To put it differently don’t bet your future prospects on AdSense.

An IPO based on projections of AdSense revenue isn’t in the future for the average eBusiness. Consider Google AdSense as extra money. Building a business exclusively on AdSense revenue isn’t just silly — it’s just plain stupid.

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